This site is intended for heath plan professionals in Canada.

This site is intended for health plan professionals in Canada.

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring - CGM

Insights & Education for Health Benefit Plan Professionals in Canada

Featured Update

2021 Update from the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines
Expert Working Group on Blood Glucose Monitoring
in Adults and Children with Diabetes

Featured Free Webinar

Pharmacy-based diabetes management: New strategies to improve employee access and outcomes
from Benefits Canada Webinar

Featured Resource

Digital Diabetes Care: Virtual pathways to improved employee health,
productivity & safety with data-driven disease management
Employee Health Plan Policy Discussion Paper

Featured Payer Update

Non-insured Health Benefits Program Now Covers Dexcom G6
Continuous Glucose Monitoring System for Children and
Adolescents on Intensive Insulin Therapy

Featured Publication

Comparing real-time and intermittently scanned continuous glucose monitoring in adults
with type 1 diabetes (ALERTT1): a 6-month, prospective, multicenter, randomized
controlled trial [Summary]

Virtual care for T1D during the COVID19 pandemic and beyond – JDRF

Virtual care for T1D during the COVID19 pandemic and beyondJDRFΒ – 2020 🍁